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Gutters & downspouts are essential to the long term health, safety, and stability of your Newton, NC home.

Gutters & DownspoutsMany homeowners consider their gutters & downspouts as an afterthought to their homes, but they are one of the most essential components to keeping the interior of your home dry. By carrying runoff from your roof away from the foundations of your home and to an area where it can drain into the soil or a storm drain, gutters & downspouts are essential to the long term health, safety, and stability of your home.

There are several important considerations when choosing or replacing gutters & downspouts. First is how effectively they carry water away. It’s important to consider common and uncommon rain events in your area in order to determine the precise system your home will use. If you live in an area with a lot of trees, proper gutter covers can not only speed runoff away from your roof and home, but also prevent leaves, debris, and other materials from clogging or blocking your gutters & downspouts. Improperly selected gutters can be ineffective at routing runoff from your roof away from your foundation and home. Another important concern is how your gutters & downspouts match the appearance of your home.

Contact us at TCB Construction for all of your questions and needs regarding gutters & downspouts. With over a decade of experience helping Newton, North Carolina homeowners, you can rest assured that our team will help you make your home safe, secure, and inviting. Contact us today to learn more!

At TCB Construction, we offer services for gutters & downspouts in Hickory, Newton, Sherrills Ford, Statesville, Conover, Maiden, Claremont, Catawba, Taylorsville, Lenoir, Morganton, Valdese, Connelly Springs, and Lincolnton, North Carolina.


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