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Your home in Hickory, North Carolina should be an extension of your personality. At TCB Construction, we want to help you make this a reality. We offer a variety of different remodeling services, including kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, home additions, window repairs, and more, but the things that set us apart are our free consultations, professional services, and the fact that we won’t charge you a fortune for high-quality work.

Free Consultations

Before any work is started on your home, our team will consult with you to develop a plan of action. We will also provide you with an estimate at no charge that details what needs to be done to accomplish your vision and what it will cost.

Professional and Insured

At TCB Construction, we take safety just as seriously as completing projects that meet your exact expectations and specifications. Whether you want to completely redo your kitchen or just have your entryway repainted, you can rest assured that the contractor who works on your project is fully qualified and licensed to maintain the integrity of your home. Plus, regardless of how large or small the job is, our owner remains involved with every project we work on to ensure quality and consistency.


If you’re interested in having renovations done on your home, you are probably prepared to pay a small fortune for the work. However, when you turn to us at TCB Construction, we know that you’ll be left smiling when you find out what our prices are. We strongly believe that finding someone to do high-quality remodeling in the Hickory, North Carolina area for a price that works with your budget doesn’t have to be an impossible task.

If you’re unhappy with a certain aspect of your home, you don’t have to settle. To receive a free consultation and estimate regarding a renovation you want to get done, get in touch with us at TCB Construction.