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88365076-House RemodelingOne of the most important things to think about when considering a house remodeling project is getting the most bang for your buck, and that means getting out of it what you put into it as much as possible. There are many house remodeling projects that are known to be nearly completely recoupable upon the sale of your home, so when you factor in your increased enjoyment while you still own the home and any utility cost savings, you are far ahead of the game.

The following statistics about the South Atlantic region of the U.S. might help you in deciding which house remodeling projects will be your best bet.

  • Basement Remodel – A basement remodel is statistically 83% recoupable in this area, but you can also count other benefits, such as the income you could receive if you create a rental apartment.
  • Bathroom Remodel – You can expect to recoup about 77% of a bathroom remodel while enjoying the added features while you own the home.
  • Kitchen Remodel – A minor kitchen remodel is statistically 83% recoupable and a major kitchen remodel is about 76% recoupable. The addition of energy-efficient appliances could also reduce your utility costs.
  • Additions – The type of addition done in a house remodeling project will dictate how much you could recoup. A two-story addition is about 75% recoupable, a sunroom addition is just 53% recoupable, a family room addition is 69%, a bathroom addition is 62%, a master suite addition is 57% and a deck addition is 89% for wood and 74% for composite.
  • Smaller Projects – Even some smaller house remodeling projects can have a decent reward. For example, replacing the roof is 67% recoupable, and replacing your entry door with a steel door is 101% recoupable.

These are all examples of mid-range house remodeling projects that raise the value of your home. If you would like more information on house remodeling projects that would be good for your home, give us a call at TCB Construction to schedule a free consultation.