How Exterior House Painting Benefits Your Home

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One of the many services we offer here at TCB Construction is exterior house painting. In our experience, many people assume the only purpose of painting is to make your home look great, but this is not the case. Although our exterior house painting experts will certainly improve your home’s curb appeal, the primary purpose of exterior paint is to protect your siding from the elements. We have put together this article to expand on that idea.

How Exterior House Painting Benefits Your Home

If you want to learn more about how exterior house painting benefits your home, simply keep reading.

  • Protection Against Water Damage – Exterior paint is designed to create a waterproof layer over your siding. This in turn helps protect your home from water damage. In addition, if the paint ever starts to peel or flake off, you can easily restore the waterproof barrier by having our experts apply a fresh coat.
  • Protection Against UV Damage – Similarly, our exterior house painting experts can also help you protect your siding from damaging UV rays. Anything left out in the sun will deteriorate over time due to a process known as the photoelectric effect—the scientific explanation is complicated, but the gist is that sunlight causes materials to fade and break down over time. The paint itself will deteriorate in the same way, but you can replace the paint before the siding gets exposed to this damaging effect.

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